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Veredus magnetic therapy rug


Veredus magnetic therapy blanket. Sizes: S: 130-145 | M: 145-160 | L: 160-175

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Veredus magnetic therapy blanket.

The Veredus Magnetic therapy blanket is made of breathable microporous material and is equipped with 32 neodymium magnets, each developing a capacity of 2400 Gauss. The magnets are divided over the back, the withers and shoulders. The Veredus Magnetik Rug is designed to be used alone or under a winter blanket. The advantage of a magnetic blanket is that the effect remains the same over time and does not diminish.

This blanket can be used on its own or placed under a blanket. The blanket is suitable as a recovery blanket after training and as a warming blanket prior to training.

Note: magnet products need a structure. Read the leaflet in the appendix for guidelines for use and do's and don'ts.

Effects of magnetic fields:

The magnetic fields promote and facilitate lymphatic and blood circulation, the change and use of nutrients by the cells, the
natural biological immune system and the removal of metabolic waste. In addition, the magnetic fields ensure meaning benefits from all the inflammatory processes that are often accompanied by pain. The advantage is obtained by a reduction of the inflammatory process and at the same time an analgesic action with regard to the tissue nerve fibers.

Magnetotherapy also stimulates vasodilation, i.e., increases blood flow to the damaged tissues, accelerates elimination of dead cells and toxins, relaxes muscles and reduces swelling. The static magnetic energy also stimulates the production of Elastin and Collagen, which are essential elements for the reconstruction of tissues.

The Veredus Magnetic Blanket:

  • Reduces pain and swelling
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Accelerates the elimination of toxins
  • Accelerates the recovery processes
  • Prepares muscles and tendons for exercise
  • Sizes: S: 130-145 | M: 145-160 | L: 160-175

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