Likit Boredom Breaker

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Little Likit Lick Assorted 250g

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t is important that a horse gets enough salt and minerals, especially in warmer weather. A horse loses a lot of salt through sweating, and its normal feed usually does not provide enough salt to make up for this. That is why many horse owners choose to give their horses licks, especially when they have to work hard: a long ride or sport. Would you like to buy a lick? What do you need to know about this subject? And which licking stones do we have in our assortment?

What is a lick?

A licking block is basically a block made of salt and/or minerals. You can hang the licking block in a place where your horse can replenish his need for salt and minerals at a quiet moment. As the needs of horses differ, there are also different types of licks. For example, licks with Himelaya salt or with extra magnesium or a tasty flavour.

Licks as a snack

There are also licks which are meant as a treat or delicacy. Of course, it is nice to spoil your horse a bit every now and then. The only disadvantage of these lick stones is that horses like them a lot and will continue licking. But too much is not good. Make sure that your horse does not 'eat' the lick in one go, because that would be unhealthy.

Licks against boredom

Licks are also used to distract your horse. The lick is then placed in a holder, which makes the horse struggle to get what it wants. Some horses can spend hours on this!

Licking Stones from Likit

At Horse Riders Classics you can buy Likit licks and holders. One of the bestsellers is Ice Rock: a classic of Himalayan salt which you can easily hang up in the stable. We also have Boredom Breaker which you can refill with different flavours.

Buy licks at Horse Riders Classics

Do you want to buy a lick for your horse? Of course, we like it when you order it from us. If you order before 3 p.m., we will send your order today. Do you have any questions about licks or other products for horses? Then please do not hesitate to contact us.