Stable & Transport

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At Horse Riders Classics you can find a large selection of equestrian products for the stable, transport and to use during shows. We selected only the best brands for stable curtains, stable guards, directors chairs and bags.

But you can also find hangers for your bridles, saddles or saddle pads/rugs. Chic looking and made from wood or hard wearing stainless steel products.

You can find standard products or start designing and make a combination in your own stable sponsor colors. Need assistance? Please contact us, we are happy to assist you.

Portable single arm saddle rack


Portable twin arm saddle rack

Anna Scarpati / ASUP

Anna Scarpati stable bag

€57.20 -€22.30 €34.90

Dyon stable curtain


Dyon Stable Guard


Dyon saddle hanger


Dyon wooden rug hanger


Dyon Bandage Bag


Dyon head protector


Equiline Stable Curtain long version


Equiline wooden rack for saddlepads

Kentucky Horsewear

Kentucky Horsewear Kick Pad

Kentucky Horsewear

Kentucky Horsewear stable curtain