Riding Boots Custom Made


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Tucci riding boots are always a perfect fit. But custom-made boots give your rides even more experience. They are even more comfortable and look more chic. What do you have to do to get custom made boots?

Custom made riding boots

Tucci custom-made riding boots are made to order. That means that only you have those boots. Unique! It also means of course that you cannot return the boots, because they are truly made to your size. How does 'Custom Made Riding Boots' work?


  • Measure the size of your calfs
  • Measure the height of the boot
  • Measure your foot size

Based on these data and the size chart, you can determine your size. In the description of the custom made riding boots that can be ordered in our webshop you will find a detailed explanation on how to do this.

Gives us your sizes

Select in your order the sizes you just measured. Add your custom made boots to the shopping basket and checkout. After that we will place your order and your riding boots will be custom made.

Delivery time

Of course you have to be patient. On average it takes 6-8 weeks before your boots are delivered.

Ordering custom-made riding boots at Horse Riders Classics

We have good contacts with the manufacturers of riding boots. That is why you can order with us. You are always welcome to ask for advice. We are happy to help!