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Horse Products of Acavallo

Acavallo Arena Alupro Safety Stirrup. The stirrup bow is made of aluminum, while the opening arm is made of a special polyamide material. The stirrup pad is made of polyamide, too, and the tread is fabricated from stainless steel. The “AluPro” model, in principle, provides the same safety function as the Arena “HiFlex”, but it is based on different materials.

- Unique, stress-actuated locking and release mechanism located between the lower end of the outer, pivoting stirrup arm and the foot support plate/tread
- Easy and reliable “one-click” re-engagement of the stirrup locking and release mechanism once triggered.

Due to its design and construction which is based on flexible polymers, the stirrup conveys a less rigid and much more comfortable feeling to the rider than with conventional products.  The springing stirrup bow and foot support assembly is capable of effectively absorbing and compensating for short-term and sudden impacts exerted through the rider’s weight from the top, e. g. during posting, jumping or hacking.
Considerable benefits for the rider: strong relief of foot bottoms, ankles, knees and hips. Therefore, also very interesting for riders suffering from orthopedic problems.

Color: black

Acavallo gel chain guard. The Acavallo gel chain guard is an excellent accessory for horses that require protection from the curb chain. A quick and effective preventative measure for protection from the curb chain. Pressure is spread evenly by the shock absorbing gel. Closely fits the chain and moulds to jaw line without sticking out.

Ideal for sensitive horses prone to soreness on the jaw.

Acavallo gel bit guards. Extra soft bit guards with gel for sensitive horses. Also easy to put around the bit. It offers the protection of traditional bit guards but with a soft gel moulding around the corners of the mouth to prevent pinching and rubbing. The bit guards also encourage the bit to stay straight and balanced in the horse's mouth, especially when turning. Fit most types of bit.

Available in Black or Brown.