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Acavallo gel bit guards. Extra soft bit guards with gel for sensitive horses. Also easy to put around the bit. It offers the protection of traditional bit guards but with a soft gel moulding around the corners of the mouth to prevent pinching and rubbing. The bit guards also encourage the bit to stay straight and balanced in the horse's mouth, especially when turning. Fit most types of bit.

Available in Black or Brown. 

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Acavallo gel chain guard. The Acavallo gel chain guard is an excellent accessory for horses that require protection from the curb chain. A quick and effective preventative measure for protection from the curb chain. Pressure is spread evenly by the shock absorbing gel. Closely fits the chain and moulds to jaw line without sticking out.

Ideal for sensitive horses prone to soreness on the jaw.

Acavallo gelpad with anatomic shape. Acavallo anatomic gelpad which is also an excellent non-slip pad. It can be used directly on the horses back as well as between the saddle cloth and the saddle. The pad is made of a very thin fabric which you can cut to shape.This gelpad can also be used with the Acavallo gel front riser or the gel rear riser.

Machine washable at 30 degrees celsius.

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Acavallo grip system memory foam pad. Close Contact Memory Foam ½ pad made with new Acavallo® Grip System. The Acavallo® Grip System consists of a special patch made of highly resistant “gripping” material to provide perfect stability to the saddle. Fully breathable, washable at low temperatures. Memory foam absorbs shocks, eliminates rubbing and friction, distributes pressure evenly.

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