Saving for an attractive discount

With our loyalty points programme you earn points with every order you place in our shop, for an attractive discount on your next order. You can earn points by creating an account. After creating an account you receive points on every order you place. After saving 100 points you can use the points for a discount on your next order. You can choose to use them on every order you place or you can also save more points for a higher discount. Every 100 points offer you a discount of € 2,50.
It is also possible to receive more points by writing a review on a purchased product on our website.

How it works

The loyalty programme works as follows:

  1. Open your own account at Horse Riders Classics
  2. Place your order at our shop. During the process, your saved points are shown
  3. Placing a next order gives you the possibility to redeem your points and receive a discount on your order. You can also go on with saving points for a higher discount in the future