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Fleece rugs and coolers

Anna Scarpati technical cooler. Technical and waterproof rug of Anna Scarpati. The cooler has a fleece inner lining keeping your horse nice and warm. Thanks to the innovative material the rug transports too much heat away from the horse which makes this rug ideal for transport. We have this cooler on stock in blue with a red-white-blue binding.

Size: 195

€275.00 - €86.00
In Stock

Dy'on Exercise sheet 3 in 1. This super flexible exercise sheet offers an answer to different weather conditions. It consists of 2 blankets which can be used seperately or been put together. The product contains: 

  1. Outside blanket: Cordura 600 deniers waterproof
  2. Inside blanket : anitpilling fleece 280gr

The 2 blankets are maintained together by snaps fasteners and can be used together or separately depending on the weather.

Product available for orders

Dyon honey cooler rug. Dyon beige show honey comb rug. Elegant and light cooler 100% breathable cotton. Like the Dyon show wool rug, it is deeper than regular rugs and got the Dyon exclusive “V-neck” cutting to avoid pressure on the withers.

The rug features:

  • Navy binding – Large navy Dy’on logo both sides;
  • Large velcro and synthetic leather front closure with Dy’on embroidery;
  • Deep cut and “V-neck” shape.
  • Available in 4 sizes : 6.0”(175cm) – 6.3”(185cm) – 6.6” (195cm) – 6.9”(155cm)
Product available for orders

Kentucky Horsewear 3D Spacer Cooler Fleece Sheet. The 3D spacer Cooler sheet is a super lightweight and multi-functional rug for your horse that can be used for different purposes. Such as: Transport, cooling down, fly sheet, and in combination with other rugs as a liner to put on your horse after work to dry them fast. The 3D spacer material is a honeycomb structure, it allows the body heat of the horse to go through as well as offering a cushioning effect, which is extremely comfortable.

The 3D Spacer Cooler Sheet features double front closures and two cross surcingles with clips that are reinforced with artificial leather. The bungee cord is detachable and has a plastic cover which allows easy cleaning. The artificial sheepskin protects the withers. The brown artificial leather piping and the Kentucky logo in brown artificial leather give the cooler a very fancy look.

The rug is machine washable at 30°, no dryer.

  • Extremely breathable
  • Light weight
  • Comfortable horse sheet
  • Tail cord
  • Fancy look
  • Color: dark blue

Kentucky Horsewear Cooler Fleece Rug. The Kentucky Horsewear Cooler Fleece Rug is the ideal rug to use after training or bathing your horse. This Cooler Fleece Rug absorbs the sweat or water and makes sure that your horse doesn’t get cold in the process. It features two surcingles on the inside of the rug which are detachable so the cooler fleece rug can also be used as a show rug.

The fancy leather piping, the artificial sheepskin on the withers and the elegant front closures offer a luxurious look to this cooler fleece rug. The rug features two D-rings and a nylon strap to go under the tail to keep it in place.

- Fleece rug
- Absorbs sweat or water
- Keeps the horse warm and dry
- Detachable surcingles on the inside of the rug
- Leather piping
- Artificial rabbit skin on the withers
- Elegant front closures
- Two D-rings with a nylon strap to go under the tail
- Machine washable at 30°, no dryer
- Sizes: 125 - 5’9 / 130 - 6'0 / 140 - 6'3 / 145 - 6'6 / 155 - 6'9 / 160 - 7'0
- Colour: navy

Kentucky horsewear quarter rug. The Quarter Rug has a filling of 160gr and is the ideal rug for riding or warming up and cooling down when it’s cold outside. The artificial rabbit skin lining offers extra warmth because it creates tiny air pockets that retain the body heat. The lining feels very soft against the skin and polishes the horse’s coat as well as preventing rubs. 

The Quarter Rug features two Velcro fastenings to attach to the saddle, as well as a tail cord. The Diamond quilting pattern, the brown artificial leather piping and the Kentucky logo in brown artificial leather give the Quarter Rug a very fancy look.

  • Square
  • 160gr
  • Artificial Rabbit Skin lining
  • Extra warmth
  • Comfortable
  • Prevents rubbing
  • Attached to saddle
  • Tail cord
  • Fancy look
  • Machine washable at 30°, no dryer
  • Cob 125-140 / Full: 145-160
Delivery from stock

Kentucky Horsewear Quick Dry Cooler Sheet. The Quick Dry Cooler Sheet has a knitted Quick Dry fabric on the top half and a mesh fabric on the under half. The Quick Dry fabric absorbs the sweat instantly and transports it to the outside so it can evaporate which makes the horse dry faster. The mesh fabric is extremely breathable and prevents flies from touching the horse.

This sheet features double front closures and a strong Velcro closure on the chest that are reinforced with artificial leather. The 2 detachable surcingles are adjustable and also reinforced with artificial leather.

  • Top half: Quick Dry fabric which makes the horse dry faster
  • Under half: Mesh
  • Artificial Sheepskin on the withers
  • Double front closure with strong Velcro closure
  • Detachable, adjustable surcingles
  • Nylon Bungee Cord
  • Machine washable at 30°, no dryer

RG Italy set blanket saddle pad fly veil. Ready to use luxury brown set. This set contains three products of the best brands. It excists of:

  • RG Italy waffle cooler size 195
  • RG Italy saddle pad size full
  • Kentucky Horsewear Wellington fly veil size full

This eye-catching set is on stock and ready for delivery. In case you would like to have your name or logo embroidered we can also arrange that. Prices on request.

€399.98 - €100.00
In Stock