Horse blankets

Horse blankets are essential for a horse. If you want to take good care of a horse, you need several blankets. We have a wide range of horse blankets of different brands for both summer and winter.


Eskadron Stable Rug Faux Fur Heritage 21-22

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Anna Scarpati / ASUP

Anna Scarpati Set fleece rug saddle pad and fly veil


BR Outdoor Rug 1200D 240g

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Dyon Fleece Rug Hip Ornament Navy


Eskadron Reflexx Fly Sheet Pro Cover Curved

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Kentucky Horsewear

Kentucky Horsewear Tail Cord


Eskadron Sweat Rug Cotton Quilt Classic Sports

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Why a horse blanket?

Horse blankets are used for different purposes. Some horses do not necessarily need a blanket, other horses do. In itself, a horse can keep its body temperature and a little bit of wetness can't do any harm. But when does your horse need a blanket? That depends on various factors.

Temperature or weather

Is it very cold? Or does the rain last for a long time? Then, as a precaution, it is best not to make the horse sick by giving it a rain or winter blanket.


Does your horse spend a lot of time in the stable or is it mainly to be found in the meadow? If your horse is in the stable a lot, it probably has less winter coat, which requires a winter blanket. If the stable is well insulated, windproof and your horse is in the stable with other horses, the temperature inside is also a lot higher than outside. 


Some breeds will have a good winter coat, others from southern climates will have a less thick coat. 

Body condition

Do you have a horse that is older or weaker? Then it is best to be safe and make sure you have some good horse blankets to take good care of your horse.

Which horse blankets do you need?

There are a number of horse blankets that you absolutely need to take good care of your horse. We will list the most important blankets and their main functions for you.

Stable rug

A stable rug is a blanket that you use when your horse is in the stable. You use this to ensure that your horse does not put on a winter coat and it prevents the horse from getting cold. 

Winter rug

A winter rug is meant to keep a horse warm. If it is very cold, it can't hurt to give a horse a winter blanket, even if the horse is outside a lot. If your horse is in the stable a lot, it needs a winter blanket in the meadow.  

Summer rug

A summer rug can have several functions. For example, during the summer it protects against stings of flies (flying blanket), it protects against cold nights and a summer blanket is also used to prevent your horse from sweating too quickly after riding. This is also called an 'exit blanket'. 

Rain blanket or waterproof blanket

Rain can cause your horse to get cold or sick because it has been wet for too long. An outdoor rug prevents your horse from getting wet and allows your horse to go out to pasture during a wet summer. 

Buying a horse blanket

Would you like to buy a horse blanket? Then make sure you buy the right size for your horse. A horse blanket has to fit well, this is the only way to prevent the cold from coming through or your horse from getting sanded by the blanket. You can determine the size of your horse blanket as follows:

- Measure the back length from the tip of the withers to below the root of the tail.

- Then measure the under-length from the chest, along the belly to the hindquarters.

- Finally, measure the height at the withers, so that you can be sure that the horse's rug falls below the belly edge. 

By combining these measurements, you know exactly which size to order for your horse. Also pay attention to the size of your horse's neck to prevent it from pinching. 

Horse rugs from Horse Riders Classics

In our assortment you will find a large collection of horse blankets from brands such as Kentucky Horsewear, PS of Sweden, Anna Scarpati and many other beautiful brands. If you order before 15.00 hours, we will ship your product the same day. Do you have a question? Feel free to contact us!