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Large selection of horse halters at Horse Riders Classics

A horse halter is usually used to guide your horse by hand through the pasture or at the riding school. Where you use a bridle for riding, a halter is meant to be used when you are not on your horse. At the bottom of the halter is a ring to which you can easily attach a halter rope. With a lead rope you can easily secure your horse when you brush or saddle him.

In our range we have included a lot of different halters from the best equestrian brands. Each with a different look and style.

Different types of halters

One halter is not the other and when choosing a new horse halter you will have to consider what you prefer. There are various materials that can be used to make a halter, such as nylon. In addition to nylon halters, we also have leather horse halters and halters made of Fake fur.

Leather or fur gives a beautiful appearance to your horse, but requires more maintenance and is in most cases more expensive to purchase. A nylon halter is a practical alternative in the meadow. A leather halter or halter with fake fur is more often used during the transport of your horse and for use at competitions. You can often embellish these halters with a name tag where you can engrave your horse's name for an extra chic look.

In addition to the traditional halters, we also have training halters in our range. Training halters are specially developed with a smaller contact surface, which exerts more pressure on certain points of the horse. This will make your horse pick up signals faster.

Order horse halters online

Have you been able to find the halter that perfectly matches your wishes? Then placing your order is very easy. Any order placed before 15.00 o'clock will be shipped the same day. In addition, you will not have to pay shipping costs if your order value exceeds € 75,- within The Netherlands.

If you would rather see the products in real life before you buy them, you are always welcome in our store.

In addition to our standard range, it is also possible to order custom-made products from us. Do you have any questions about our products or custom-made products? Please contact our customer service.