Discover the nosebands in our range of beautiful brands such as Dy'on. Not only do nosebands look beautiful, but they also have an important function. Among other things, nosebands ensure that a bit stays in place and they ensure a good distribution of pressure so that communication with your horse is even better. In our assortment, you will find different types of nosebands of the best quality.


Equiline Noseband


Dyon D Collection double noseband


Variants of the nosebands

There are many different types of nosebands, so you can choose a drop noseband, a cavesson noseband, a single or double noseband, a combined noseband and a Figure 8 noseband. Which nose band you need often depends on your horse.

Drop noseband

The nose strap runs in front of the bit and ensures that the bit stays in place. Even though this is a drop noseband, it is important that it is not too low to prevent injuries to the nasal bone. This is a very sensitive part of the horse's nose. For this reason, it should never be fastened too tight. A tight noseband causes injuries and breathing problems. Drop nosebands are used a lot, especially for teaching young horses.

Cavesson noseband

This noseband is placed slightly under the cheekbones. The cavesson noseband does not obstruct your horse very much and gives your horse a lot of freedom to breathe, chew and relax its jaw. This noseband is the best choice when you ride your horse with a bit with leverage, such as a pelham or combination bit. The action of the bit is not hindered by the flash strap and the curb chain remains nice and free. This noseband is also required in hunter classes.

Flash noseband

This is a combination of a noseband and a flash strap. The noseband itself is slightly under the horse's cheekbones. The flash strap passes in front of the bit and prevents the horse from opening his mouth. This should not be too tight either to prevent the horse from having difficulty swallowing or not being able to take the bit properly. This is the most commonly used noseband.

Figure 8 noseband

The Figure 8 or Mexican noseband is used a lot when jumping. It runs cross over the head of the horse and forms a kind of 8. With a good fixation, this noseband only gives pressure on the nose when the horse opens his mouth.

Double noseband

This is a combination of a drop noseband and a cavesson noseband. This allows you to distribute the pressure for your horse, which is a lot more comfortable for horses looking for more balance. This noseband is also very suitable for strong horses and for horses that run fine on a low noseband but still need a little more support. This noseband is a good choice for more experienced riders.

Buying a noseband at Horse Riders Classics

In our assortment you will find a nice selection with different nosebands, which you can combine with other products from the Dy'on collection. So you can put together your complete bridle with us. Besides Dy'on you will find more beautiful, stylish brands like Equiline, Stubben, Parlanti and PS of Sweden.

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