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Dy'on Hunter Collection fixed martingale


Dy'on Hunter Collection running martingale


Dyon Collection Running martingale

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Dyon New English Collection martingale yoke


Dyon Collection running martingale attachment


What is a martingale?

A martingale influences the head-neck posture. The martingale is the most commonly used training aid in equestrian sports. With a martingale you can prevent the horse from raising its head.

The most popular used martingale is the sliding martingale and is also called a 'loose' martingale. It is especially popular when jumping. You also have the fixed martingale. With the fixed martingale it ends in a loop that is attached to the nose strap, a loose martingale splits into two straps. A fixed martingale is often used in the hunter sections.

When to use a martingale?

A martingale prevents the horse from raising its head too high. The longer you leave a martingale, the higher the horse can raise his head. As soon as your horse raises his head, you lose control over the horse. With a martingale you can make sure that you remain in control. Especially for showjumping a martingale is used a lot.

How does a martingale work?

A martingale restricts the horse's freedom of movement. A martingale ensures that the reins are at an angle. When the horse raises his head the martingale works, via the bit, on the layers of the mouth.

How should a martingale be fixed?

Each martingale can be attached in a different way. The loose martingale is attached with one end to the girth. The other two ends with the rings are attached to the reins. A martingale should not be too tight for the horse, but if it is too loose the effect of a martingale will be limited. So make sure you have the right size for your horse and adjust it properly.

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