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Different kinds of bridles

When buying a new halter for your horse there are a number of choices you can make for the style and comfort for your horse. For example, we have bridles lined with wool which will be more comfortable for your horse. You can also choose an elegant leather bridle. In addition to complete halters, we also sell loose front belts, nose belts and harnesses.

Are you going to try new lunging techniques with your horse? Then a halter made of rope or a halter with thin straps can help. The pressure of the halter is applied in a much more concentrated place, which makes it easier to communicate with your horse. 

Bitless bridles

Some bridles in our assortment can also be used bitless. A bitless bridle offers the possibility to train your horse without having a bit in his mouth. There can be different reasons to want to ride bitless. For example, your horse may have a disorder in its mouth which means that no bit can be used during the healing period. Also, some riders choose to use a bitless bridle. A bit can be uncomfortable for the horse and some riders think they have more connection with their horse when they ride bitless. 

What is the difference between a halter and a bridle?

A halter should not be confused with a bridle because there is a difference between these items. A halter has no bit and is not used for riding horses. It is mainly used to attach a halter rope so you can attach the horse to something or take it with you by hand.