Horse Care

Especially for the care of your horse or pony we offer a wide range of horse care products. So you can pamper your horse when it earns the most with the care products for leather, hooves, coat and mane and products for wound care.

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Care of the hoof

Let's start with the hooves. When you have ridden your horse, the hooves will be scratched regularly. Especially when you've been outside! For this it is nice that you have a hoofscraper that lies comfortably in your hand so that it is easier to keep the hooves clean. Besides scratching out, you can do even more to make the hooves look groomed. You can even choose to lacquer your horse's hooves with our transparent or black lacquer. This way they look extra good for the day during an important competition.

Taking care of your horse's coat

In addition to the hooves, the care of your horse's coat is also very important. The coat will need to be brushed regularly to remove dirt and loose hairs. This also stimulates the blood circulation of your horse or pony as brushing also serves as a kind of massage. 

When you have finished combing and brushing you will also be able to use horse shampoo when your horse or pony really needs a refresher. This way you will get rid of the most stubborn stains and the coat will shine again. 

If your horse is outside all year round, it may be wise not to brush too often in autumn and winter. If you do this they will lose too much hair and the coat will be less water repellent. Too long hair can also get in the way of your horse. It will take longer for the sweat to dry up and it may catch cold. In that case it can be beneficial to trim the hair with a clipper and cover the horse outside with a horse blanket. 

Care of the mane and tail

Horse care is something you can do all the time. It is also very important to pay attention to the mane and tail of the horse. These can get tangled up quickly. Besides regular combing you can use different lotions and mane sprays to make the hairs tangle less quickly. For some breeds even this is not a solution and it is best to braid the hairs.