Kentucky Dogwear

Kentucky Dogwear dog coat dark green

Fenwick Liquid Titanium

Fenwick Liquid Titanium Ear Bonnet

Fenwick Liquid Titanium

Fenwick Liquid Titanium Mask

Fenwick Liquid Titanium

Fenwick Liquid Titanium Mask with Ears

PS of Sweden

PS of Sweden Dressage Saddle pad Suede Brown


BR Numnah Hunter Sheepskin


Our brands

In our assortment you won't just find horse stuff. All our items are from beautiful, exclusive brands such as Dyon, Kentucky Horsewear, Equiline and many more! Our equestrian articles are all of good quality and have a long lifespan. Both leisure riders and professional riders can come to us for all their horse stuff.

In the stable or in the meadows

A horse needs enough space and must be able to move around a lot. In general, a horse can withstand the cold, but your horse must be able to find shelter in the rain or heat. To take your horse from the stable to the pasture, a halter with halter rope is of course essential and in the pasture your horse often needs a rain blanket, winter blanket or summer blanket. Are you going to train your horse? Then you also need a lunging rope and a lunging whip. For riding you will need a saddle with a matching saddle blanket and of course braces and a good bridle with reins.

Also in the field of horse care you need a few things. In addition to hoofscrapers and brushes, you will also find various care products for your horse, including anti-clit spray and horse shampoo.

Equestrian articles

 Are you a fanatic horseman? Then your horse also needs tendon protectors, bandages and possibly jumping shoes. As a competition rider or dressage rider you are of course well dressed for the competition, that's why your horse can't stay behind. Besides a dressage saddle or jumping saddle, you also need a matching bridle and a suitable saddle pad or saddle pad. It is often possible to combine horse stuff, so you can also get a matching flycap with your saddle pad. 

Tailor-made horse articles

At Horse Riders Classics it is also possible to compose your horse gear and accessories to your wishes. Through our configurator you can easily and quickly design your own horse blanket, saddle pad and fly hats online. Besides horse gear, it is also possible to compose your own riding clothes. Design your riding boots to measure or get your own unique competition jacket.