Horse Riders Classics specializes in the sale of innovative products and giving the associated advice. We also sell products that you can test before moving on to the final purchase extended.

This is done as follows:
You order and pay the desired product
For fourteen days you can try your desired product
If we hear nothing from you, we assume that you want to keep the product and no further action should be taken
Would you like to return the products? Send it to us in the original package incl. price tags etc. and send it back to us
After we have received the returned product, we will refund the purchase amount of your return minus the shipping costs and € 12,50 for use.

The following products can be tested:

  • Bits (excl. bits with a soft mouth piece, like leather and flexi bits)
  • Happy rein by Johan Heins (please note at purchase you want to use the try and buy option)
  • Dyon difference bridle