Guarantee and complaints


At Horse Riders Classics we care about our products and try our best to deliver it to you in a top condition. Still something can happen during transport or another accident which makes that you can ask for a guarantee investigation. You are legally bounded to inform us about the defect within two months after it occurred. In case the defect is under the guarantee deliverd by the manufacturer, we replace the article or have it repaired.

On all articles deliver by us, the guarantee policy of the manufacturer is leading. Normally the guarantee period is one year and is only for issues caused by a manufacture default. If a third party did something with the product the guarantee is no longer available for the product.


It is always possible that something does not go the way it was planned. We kindly ask you to make your complaint by email to us so we can try to solve it. You can email your complaint to:

Since Februari 15th 2016 customers based in the EU can also drop their complaint through the ODR platform of the EU. This platform can be found on: This is only possible if your complaint is not placed anywhere else. But before you decide to place it there, please contact us before.