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An accident happens before you know it and it also is the case for horses and ponies. We stock different articles for wound care and for the prevention of injuries like wound sprays, dressings, tape, cooling and icing products.

Kentucky Horsewear Sole Tape. The Sole Tape helps sensitive or injured horses and prevents infections within the sole area. This Sole Tape is the solution to keeping the hoof clean and dry when needed to apply a medical bandage. To absolutely make sure that it sticks some Tesa tape can be used to tape it to the hoof. Easy to fit and remove, single use.

  • For applying medical bandages
  • Keeps the hoof clean and dry
  • Easy to fit and remove
  • Can be used with Tesa tape to make sure it sticks
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Parisol Silver Spray. For seamless covering of surfaces with an elastic and breathable metal film. The surfaces are thus protected against bacterial contamination and other harmful environmental influences.

How to:

Shake before use! From a distance of 20-25 cm spray the surfaces thinly for 1-2 seconds. Repeat as needed several times a day.

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Safehorse Horse Thermometer. Horse Thermometer with quick results. Easy and safe to use. This is a real musthave in your first aid kit.

  • Quick reading
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic and safe
  • The special length makes it possible to take the temperature in exactly the correct place and its bevelled form safeguards it from slipping in too deep
  • It takes only 20 - 22 seconds to measure the temperature
  • High accuracy of measurement without highly toxic mercury
  • Easy to clean with tepid waterbattery can be changed without specialist tools

material: PVC
total length: 24 cm

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Animalintex licensed poultice dressing. Animalintex is the original and only licensed absorbent multi-layered poultice and wound dressing available. Animalintex is classified as a Veterinary Medicinal Product and is therefore licensed by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD). It can be used as a hot poultice, cold poultice or dry dressing and is suitable for the treatment of infected wounds, open wounds, foot punctures, corns, bruised soles, thrush, seedy toe, abscesses, laminitis, sandcracks and thorns. Suitable for horses and dogs, the dressing contains Boric Acid BP, an active ingredient which promotes effective healing, plus tragacanth, a natural poulticing agent that draws infection out of the wound.

Ideal to use in combination with 3M vetrap.

Product size: 405 x 205 mm. Price is for 1 piece

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Effol Instant Ice Pack. Instant Compress for cold treatment within seconds by Effol. Reduces swelling and soothes pain in the case of bruises, pulled muscles, sprains and insect bites. Particularly safe to transport as the compress is activated by a pulling mechanism and not by exerting pressure. Quick and easy to use everywhere, no pre-cooling necessary. Always put a cloth between a compress and human skin.

Cooling time: approx. 30 minutes

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