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Take good care of your tack and make sure it lasts long by using high quality care products for (artificial) leather. We stock products to clean leather like saddle soap, cleaning sprays and tack wipes. And for the care afterwards we have different types of leather conditioners, balm and cream.

Please note that artificial leather needs its own specific way of cleaning and the use of articles which you use on leather products is an absolute no go for these kind of material. You can find a selection of sprays for artificial leather also at Horse Riders Classics.

And are you going to clean and polish your calf skin riding boots? Please also note that what goes on your bridle and saddle is not ok to use on your shoes and riding boots. Also for these products we have a selection of cleaning and care products.

Need advice? Please contact us. We are happy to assist you.

NAF Quick Leather Clean. Cleans. Easy to use quick drying everyday cleaner to swiftly lift and remove grease, sweat and dirt from leather tack, leaving it clean and ready to be conditioned.

Directions: Shake well before use. Spray directly on to leather and simply wipe clean. When cleaning heavily soiled tack allow to soak on the leather’s surface for a few minutes before wiping off.

Spray bottle 500ml

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Alongside The Kentucky Horsewear Boots Cleaner for TPU and PU boots, we have developed a new care specially made for artificial leather material. Fast and easy to use, the Tack Cleaner (500 ml) simply works by spraying and dry cleaning with a clean towel – giving an instant glossy look!

- To clean artificial leather
- Spray and clean with dry towel
- Ensures a glossy new look!
- 500 ml

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Kentucky Horsewear boots cleaner. The Kentucky Horsewear Boots Cleaner (200 ml) is a very effective spray for cleaning and maintenance of all types of horse boots made out of TPU or PU. Spray it on dry and dirty boots and use a dry towel to clean the surface. The Boots Cleaner will make your used boots look glossy and again.

- To clean boots made out of TPU or PU
- Spray and clean with dry towel
- Ensures a glossy new look!
- 200 ml

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