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Dyon Collection anatomic flash noseband bridle


Dyon Collection anatomic flash noseband bridle. Very nice bridle from the top brand Dyon.

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  • Pony
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Size Chart



Bridles: Horses (also with a small head)

Breastplates and Martingales: Horses

Reins: Horses. Length: 234 cm


Bridles: Large ponies and horses with a short and small head

Breastplates and Martingales: Small horses and large ponies

Reins: Horses with a short neck and large ponies. Length: 228 cm


Bridles: Small and medium ponies

Breastplates and martingales: Small and medium ponies

Reins: Ponies Length 220 cm


Dy'on divided the collection in a few sub ranges which together suit perfectly with each other.

Dy'on collectionType leatherColor stitchingColor buckles
Collection English cream gold (brass)
Hunter English cream silver
New English English - silver
Working Buffalo silver
Dressage English - silver

Good to know: The products from the Hunter and New English collection fit perfectly together. Most collections have a large range of extra items like nosebands, cheek pieces, etc. Only the Working collection does not have that.


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Dyon Collection anatomic flash noseband bridle.

Very nice bridle from the top brand Dyon. The flash noseband bridle has an anatomic design and is made from the best English leather. The fine cream stitching and brass buckles make this a real must have bridle.

  • Bridle in English leather with anatomic headpiece
  • Fancy stitched, slightly raised and padded flash noseband and browband with anatomic cut out
  • Cream stitching
  • Brass buckles

The bridle is available in brown and black in the sizes pony, cob and full. Seperate parts like other nosebands or reins can also be ordered in our shop.

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