Likit Boredom Breaker

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Little Likit Lick Assorted 250g

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Likit is a well-known producer of horse licks. But Likit's products are more than licks. They give your horse a nice challenge. They give your horse the necessary nutrients and at the same time prevent boredom. We would like to tell you more about this brand and the products in our assortment.

Likit Products since 2002

Likit is a relatively young family business. They have been active since 2002, but by now it is impossible to imagine the equestrian world without them. This reflects well on the fact that Likit products are well received everywhere, literally worldwide. A product that sells itself does not need much time to conquer the world. Likit's products were developed in collaboration with Dr. Derek Cuddeford, and are thus the result of thorough research.

Why a Likit horse lick?

Sometimes a horse needs a lick because of an increased salt or mineral requirement. In some products Likit combines different ingredients with a challenge. This turns a horse lick into a toy that makes your horse happy. It prevents your horse from being bored in the stable. Each product has a different way of challenging. It's up to you to see which lick is the most fun for your horse. Likit even claims that several studies have shown that their toys have a beneficial effect on your horse. What more could you want?

Traditional lick

Likit's best known horse lick is the Ice Rock. This product is made of 100 percent rocksalt from the Himalayan Mountains. You can easily hang up this stone in the stable thanks to the hanging rope included in the package. Perfect to supplement a salt need!

Licks against boredom

We also have horse licks in our assortment that bring something extra. For example the Boredom Buster and Boredom Breaker. These are real toys for your horse! Because you hang these items in the supplied holder, your horse has to make more effort to get what he wants. And the fun part is that you can also put different flavors in the holder. Some horses can entertain themselves for hours with these Likit products. Find out what your horse's favorite flavor is!

Likit at Horse Riders Classics

We always make sure to include the best products in our range. That is why you can now also order the Likit brand at Horse Riders Classics. Do you have any questions about these products? Then please contact us. If you order before 3 p.m., we will send your order today.