List of products by brand Grooming Deluxe by Kentucky

Kentucky is known among horsemen as a top brand. It is therefore not surprising that Grooming Deluxe by Kentucky also delivers top quality grooming products. What can you expect from this brand?

Grooming Deluxe

Grooming Deluxe is the premium label for grooming products from the stable of Kentucky Horsewear. Just like the products from Kentucky Horsewear Grooming Deluxe produces high quality products for your horse and for the stable. The range consists of luxurious wooden articles like a concourse box, brush box, saddle hanger and bridle hanger. But you can also pamper your horse with the luxurious line of grooming articles such as brushes, hoof scrapers and combs.

Developed by grooms

What does a top groom need to look after his horses every day? Grooming Deluxe asked for input from grooms when developing the product line, to find out what the needs of these experts in horse care are. Then the professionals from Kentucky went to work on it. The result? A product line that not only exudes class, but also has class in it. Grooming Deluxe brings a complete care line with a chic presentation. An addition to any stable!

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