Effol Horsefly Blocker Plus Spray

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Effol shampoo spray Ocean-Star


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Effol is committed to friendship with your horse: friendship thanks to the best care. The bond between man and horse is obviously a special one. And Effol products are dedicated to ensuring that this friendship lasts a lifetime, thanks to the best care products. Let us tell you more about Effol and its grooming products in our range.

The history of Effol

Effol is produced by Schweizer-Effax, which was founded in 1906. It started with products for leather care and hoof care, but soon Schweizer-Effax started making products for many other sports as well. In more than 110 years the company has grown into a company that guarantees care products of the highest quality.

Hoof ointment, hoof leather, hoof gel and shampoo

The best-known products for horse care are the hoof ointment, hoof gel, hoof tar and shampoo. These products have been extensively tested and found to be excellent by professional and amateur riders worldwide. They have noticed that the products really contribute to the vitality, performance and health of the horse. A real investment in the friendship with your horse.

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