Beris hackamore tandem butterfly mouthpiece

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Beris offers a complete range of innovative bits and mouthpieces. From the development phase onwards, Beris bits are tested and evaluated by both leisure riders and professional riders. The experiences of all parties are combined in order to further develop and elaborate their own ideas and concepts. These unique bits are developed with riders and horses using the most modern and best materials. The distinguishing feature of the Beris bits is the innovative material of the mouthpiece.

Protection for a sensitive mouth

Beris considers the protection of the sensitive mouth of the horse to be vitally important. That is why Beris chooses to use materials that are harmless to your horse, for example food-safe plastics. The new development form of the mouthpiece ensures better acceptance of the bit and facilitates communication between horse and rider.


All metal parts of the Beris bits are formed by hand, welded and polished to perfection. These bits can therefore safely be called craftsmanship. Moreover, the bits are well tested for durability and strength, so that the safety of the rider and the horse can be guaranteed.

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