Acavallo Soft Gel Back Riser

€48.95 -10% €44.06

Acavallo Respira Air Release Soft Gel pad

€65.95 -10% €59.36

Acavallo Arena Alupro Safety Stirrup

€169.95 -10% €152.96

Acavallo gel chain guard


Acavallo gel bit guards for irritated mouth corners


List of products by brand Acavallo

The Italian company Acavallo was founded by two horse lovers with a passion for equestrian sports. The brand makes products for the well-being and protection of horses. These products improve the performance of both the horse and its rider. Acavallo's products are now recognised worldwide for their effectiveness and reliability.

Therapeutic gel

Acavallo, for example, uses a lightweight therapeutic gel in their products. Acavallo's gel can absorb shocks and therefore distribute pressure evenly. For example, via a chain guard or as a gel pad for under the saddle. It gives the horse a more pleasant feeling. Acavallo's gel products are therefore ideal for sensitive horses.

Safety stirrup

Acavallo has also developed a stirrup that contributes to the safety of both horse and rider. The stirrup has a mechanism through which the stirrup opens in case of a fall. Thanks to this Avacallo safety stirrup, your foot does not get stuck in the stirrup at such a moment. This is good for your own safety, but also for your horse’s. At the same time, this stirrup is made in such a way that it will not open if you accidentally hit it with your foot. Beautiful and smart design!

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