Now that the Covid-19 Corono virus has so much impact on our society, this unfortunately also means changes for the service we offer. Important to take into account is:

  • All our products mention the expected delivery time. You can find this on the productpage of each single product.  The products we have available do not require extra transport from a supplier to us. As long as the delivery services continue to deliver, these products will arrive at the delivery address quickly. Take into account a longer delivery time because packages regularly delay during this time.
  • We can ship products with the mention 'available' or 'in stock'. Immediately means that we send it from Monday to Friday.
  • Products with 2-5 business days or 5-10 business days may take a longer shipment period and may experience delays. This is partly due to the loss of logistics personnel who are unable to work due to colds or because suppliers no longer send parcels every day. We recommend that you take this into account before ordering to avoid disappointment.
  • Products of the brands Equiline, Animo, Anna Scarpati, Veredus and Tucci are being produced again since May 1st. Please be aware that the production period can be a little bit longer than the standard delivery periode.
  • For Parlanti items, we recommend to contact us in advance if it is not in stock / immediately available. This brand is supplied from several European depots, which means that delivery sometimes can take place quickly.
  • For Dy'on articles, please contact us before you order if the delivery is 2-5 office days. We than can let you know what the delivery time is. Dyon articles are not begin produced until June 1st.

We observe all precautions that the Dutch government takes when processing our orders. This means that we often wash our hands and disinfect the workplaces.

Are you unsure whether a product is available quickly? Please do not hesitate to contact us. This can be done very easy via the WhatsApp button at the bottom left of the screen. As soon as there is news about a brand / manufacturer, we will update this message.

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