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Beris baby pelham Swales curved port

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Beris baby pelham Swales curved port.

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Beris baby pelham comfort mouthpiece. This Beris Bits pelham has a synthetic mouthpiece, which is pleasant in the horse's mouth yet has a steel core for safety. The mullen mouthpiece is a very mild 18mm mouthpiece that puts pressure on the tongue and lips, as well as slight pressure on the bars depending on the size of the horse's tongue.

This bit is often useful for horses with very sensitive mouths. It can also be helpful for horses who back off the contact and need extra confidence in the bit.

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How to measure your bit

The current bit size is often used to order a new bit. We will explain how to measure this below.

  • Measure the bit between the rings.
  • Bits from the brands that we sell have exactly the size that you measure between the bit rings. Do you have a bit from another brand? Measure this between the rings and if this is for example 12.5, you also order the new bit in that size.

    Note that bits with longer shanks such as hackamore combi bits need more space so that they do not damage your horse.

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