LJ Leathers Halter Nylon Leather Arezzo incl line. Halter in combination of leather and cord. Adjustable in 2 places, brass buckles. Including accompanying rope with leather stopper. The halter is equipped with nylon parts in the chic blue / gray combination. The leather parts are light brown in color. The rope also provides extra control for your horse.

     Halter incl. Matching rope
     Brown leather
     Brass buckles (gold colored)

Sizes: cob / full

LJ Leathers Anatomic Leather Girth. Anatomically shaped leather girth with soft lining and finished with decorative stitching. The roller buckles are attached on both sides to 3-fold elastic. This girth has 3 d-rings for attaching martingale or auxiliary reins.

  • Leather anatomical girth with decorative stitching
  • Both sides with elastic and roll buckles
  • 3 rings and leather buckle
  • Sizes: 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145
  • Colors: brown (noisette) and black

JL Leathers Leather belly girth with sheepskin. Belly girth finished with decorative stitching and removable sheepskin lining that is attached with velcro. The girth has roller buckles that are attached on both sides to 3-fold elastic. The belly flaps are equipped with d-rings on the sides and a strong d-ring and leather loop with a buckle in the middle for attaching a martingale or draw reins.

  • Leather belly flaps with fur lining
  • Fur lining is removable and washable at 30 degrees
  • Both sides with elastic and roll buckles
  • 3 rings and leather buckle
  • Sizes: 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145
  • Colors: brown (noisette) and black

One Equestrian Kick Pad. A kick pad protected against injuries by hitting the stable door or in the truck. The Kick Pad has a waterproof exterior and shock-absorbing foam on the inside. The Kick Pad has many rings for easy attachment.

Format: 100 x 140 cm

Colour: Grey

2-5 office days

Equiline riding breeches knee-grip Adam. Equiline men's riding breeches Adam is inspired on the well known Grafton model but this time with knee-grip. Ergonomic at pressure points and the E-Plus Superior technical microfibre guarantee any rider excellent stability in the saddle. The modern design and unique fabric give perfect fit along the legs without necessarily making any further adjustments. Machine washable.

Color: dark blue

Size: 46

€199.00 -25%
In Stock

LJ Leathers training girth with wool. Nice and practical fur ring made of nylon for training or competition. The girth has a wool lining and is wonderfully soft. This ensures a lot of comfort with your horse. The girth is provided with three rings for fixing training reins such as a martingale or draw reins. The girth has elastic on both sides and a buckle with a roll for easy putting on.

  • Nylon webbing with fur lining
  • 100% imitation fur
  • 3 rings
  • Elastic on both sides
  • Machine washable at 30 °
  • Colors: black and brown
  • Size: 110-115-120-125-130-135-140 cm

These reins from the Dyon Working Collection fit perfectly to the bridles from the same Dyon Collection. The reins are available in black and brown in three different options which all have stainless steel buckles. The three options are:

  1. Webreins with leather stoppers (B267)
  2. Rubber reins wide (B262)
  3. Rubber reins small (B261)

All the reins further have:

  • Flat buffalo leather fronts
  • Leather martingale stoppers
  • Cream stitching
  • Steel buckles
  • Color: brown, black
  • Size: pony, cob, full
2-5 office days

Equiline riding breeches knee grip Ash. Equiline woman breeches with X-Grip knee patch. They provide the highest stability on the saddle thanks to the new grip control technology granting the maximum comfort and freedom of motion. The Waist-Block system grants an optimal fitting on the Waist. The stretch fastening system on the bottom provides a perfect adherence of the breeches on the leg without the necessity of the Velcro regulation. The sizes in the menu show the Dutch size. The Italian size minus 4 gives the Dutch size.

Please note that the breeches are quite fitted. Order one size bigger to be sure about the size or please ask us to assist you.

Equiline riding socks Silver Plus Light. Equiline technical socks made in ultra-light polypropylene treated with silver ions Ag+. Antibacterial and hypoallergenic, it leaves your skin dry, creating a perfect microclimate between skin and tissue. It dries quickly after washing. Ideal for the Spring and Summer period.

Sizes (EU foot size):

  • S 35/38
  • M 39/42
  • L 42>

Kentucky Horsewear Plaited Nylon Dog Collar. The plaited nylon dog collar is made out of the same materials as our plaited nylon halter for the horses. This way you can not only match the rugs of your horse and dog but also their collar!

The dog collar features a ring to attach our matching plaited nylon dog lead to! The small hanger with Kentucky Dog Paw logo can be engraved with the dogs name on the other side.

Sizes: XS-35cm/1,5cm, S-40cm/1,5cm, M-45cm/1,5cm, L-55cm/2,5cm, XL-65cm/2,5cm.

Colours: Navy and Burgundy

- Fancy looking dog collar

- Matches dog rug, horse rugs and plaited nylon halter

- Hanger that can be engraved

- Perfect match with our plaited nylon dog lead

- 5 sizes: XS-35cm/1,5cm, S-40cm/1,5cm, M-45cm/1,5cm, L-55cm/2,5cm, XL-65cm/2,5cm

- Colours: Navy and Burgundy

Samshield winter liner. Keep warm with the Samshield winter liner. The winter liner is created from the base of a Samshield Shadowmatt classic liner on which is integrated a Windstopper® flap lined with synthetic fur. It protects efficiently against wind and coldness while supplying excellent breathability. Internal memory form foams supplies the same excellent comfort/holding than the classic liner.

This liner is adaptable on Shadowmatt and Premium models. A real must have when riding outside all year long.

Samshield W-skin winter riding gloves. To create those gloves Samshield has followed the same strategy as when they created the successful V-skin riding gloves:
• Analyze existing product on the market
• Make a large survey with plenty of riders before to start the design

All riders answered that they would like a winter gloves providing a perfect ratio of warmness/hand to horse connection/fitting/elegance.

W-Skin gloves have been tested by many Samshield sponsored riders for one year before being launched on the market. Just like them you can now enjoy wearing this premium equipment.

Dy'on Exercise sheet 3 in 1. This super flexible exercise sheet offers an answer to different weather conditions. It consists of 2 blankets which can be used seperately or been put together. The product contains: 

  1. Outside blanket: Cordura 600 deniers waterproof
  2. Inside blanket : anitpilling fleece 280gr

The 2 blankets are maintained together by snaps fasteners and can be used together or separately depending on the weather.

€129.00 -10%
in stock

Kentucky Horsewear all weather outdoor rug 300gr. The Turnout Rug All Weather 300gr has a filling of 300gr and is very strong. The outside fabric is made of 1680 Denier High Tenacity Polyester which makes the rug extremely strong, durable
and dirt-repellent. The PU waterproof and breathable coating makes this rug resistant to all weather conditions.

The artificial rabbit skin lining (100% animal friendly) generates extra warmth because it creates tiny air pockets that trap and retain the body heat of the horse. It is also extremely comfortable and makes your horse’s coat shine. It helps prevent rubbing.
At the height of the chest, shoulders and neck the seams and edges are lined with artificial rabbit skin on the inside for extra comfort and to prevent rubbing.

The rug is machine washable at 30°, no dryer.

Sizes: 125 - 5’9 / 130 - 6'0 / 140 - 6'3 / 145 - 6'6 / 155 - 6'9 / 160 - 7'0

The Winter BIB is the ideal pad to protect your horse’s chest from rubs caused by rugs. It is a pad that exists out of two flaps which you put over the front of the rug where the front closures are. One flap will be on the inside of the rug, directly against the chest of the horse. The other flap then hangs on the outside of the rug to keep the BIB in place.

Both edges of the BIB have notches to make sure the BIB stays in place. The flap that is in direct contact with the horse’s skin is lined with artificial rabbit skin. This extremely soft material offers an utmost comfortable feeling. Artificial sheepskin was attached to the fold of the Winter BIB, to prevent rubbing of the neck and to offer even more comfort.

The outer fabric of the BIB is 100% peached polyester. Not only does it prevent
rubbing, the BIB also equalizes the pressure the rug puts on the horse’s chest.
The BIB can also be used in the same way to protect the withers and is ideal to use in combination with all kinds of rugs.

- Prevents rubbing of the chest or withers
- Offers comfort
- Equalizes pressure
- Inside flap lined with artificial rabbit skin
- Fold lined with artificial sheepskin
- Machine washable at 30°, no dryer
- Colour: Navy and Black
- One size

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