Turnier Regiestuhl

Design your foldable stable chair -also known as directors chair or tallyman chair - at Horse Riders Classics. Next to the chic wooden small or large frame you can design the seat and back of the chair in the color combination you want. So it is easy to match your chair with your stable curtain and other stable gear.

We can also have the back embroidered for you with your name or logo. Please feel free to receive a price quotation for it.

ONE Equestrian

One Stuhlrahmen Holz Regiestuhl

95,03 €
ONE Equestrian

One Standard kissensatz für Regiestuhl

45,45 €
ONE Equestrian

Regiestuhl Turnierstuhl klein Custom Made

136,36 €
ONE Equestrian

Regiestuhl Turnierstuhl groß Custom Made

157,02 €