Brush your horse like a pro with the brushes from Horse Riders Classics. Our small selection contains brushes from the best quality. They are easy to keep in your hands (even for small ladies hands) and the long hairs of the brush do what they are meant to do: clean your horse and let him shine like a diamond.


Premiere Schweifbürste Soft Grip

4,09 €

BR Schwamm

1,16 €

Premiere Kopfbürste Soft Grip

2,27 €

Premiere Bürste Soft Grip weich Medium

3,93 €

Haas Hufkratzer Joker

4,38 €

Haas Schwamm Puck

1,82 €

Haas Pferdebürste Noir Dandy groß

11,32 €
ONE Equestrian

Trust super soft brush

8,26 € -15% 7,02 €
ONE Equestrian

One Equestrian Bürste Soft

8,26 € -15% 7,02 €
ONE Equestrian

One Equestrian medium Bürste

8,26 €