Acavallo Soft-Gel Back Riser

35,50 €

Acavallo Front Riser Soft-Gel

32,19 €

Acavallo Gelpad Piuma Wool

66,07 €

Acavallo Respira Air Release Softgelpad

47,89 €
Kentucky Horsewear

Kentucky Horsewear Schabracke Rosa

61,98 €

Buy your new saddle accessories at Horse Riders Classics. We have a large selection of saddle pads, half pads, girths and stirrups.

All these products have one thing in common which is that they are all produced by brands that strive for the best quality and innovation. Very populair are the products made of artificial leather and wool by Kentucky Horsewear. They are super easy to clean and provide the best fit and comfort for your horse.

But also the custom made range by Equiline and ASUP/Anna Scarpati is really a must have for everyone who wants the have the best.