Start configure your new Samshield helmet! You can see how your helmet will look like, how much it will be and you can let us know you would like to have it this way. Have fun choosing your new helmet!

How to configure your Samshield cap?

With the Samshield configurator it is very easy to put together your own unique Samshield cap. Just follow the steps in the configurator and you will see the result immediately. The steps:

1. Choose the colour of the shell. From Miss Shield Premium Black to Premium Alcantara Blue: you decide how your cap will look.

2. Choose the colour of the top. Again, you have plenty of choice.

3. Choose the accent colour of the trimming.

4. Give your cap a more chic look with real Swarovski crystals. It is your choice!

5. Choose the style of the Blazon on your cap. A real eye-catcher!

6. Add any extras you like, such as a Visor

7. You can see immediately what your cap looks like and how much it will cost. Now it will take another 3 weeks before your self-composed helmet will be delivered. Have fun with it!