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List of products by brand Dyon

The Belgian brand Dy'on guarantees satisfied customers. The design and manufacture of products for equestrian sports that contribute to the connection with your horse are central to the Dy'on philosophy. At Dy'on we are constantly working to improve and innovate the products so that the horse is able to perform better and better.

Dy'on bridles and halters

In our collection, we have a wide selection of bridles and halters from Dy'on in a range of quality materials such as leather and rubber. The leather bridles from Dyon are made of the highest quality leather. Even under the most extreme weather conditions, these bridles remain supple and soft so that they remain comfortable for your horse. 

Some of the models are decorated with beautiful details such as precious stones or metal nameplates. 

The different lines of Dy'on

Dy'on has divided her leather line into a number of sub-lines. All products within that line fit together and form a beautiful whole.

  • Dy'on Collection line: with cream-coloured stitching and gold-coloured buckles.
  • Dy'on Hunter Collection line: with cream-coloured stitching and silver-coloured buckles
  • Dy'on New English Collection line: silver buckles
  • Dy'on Working Collection line: buffalo leather with silver buckles
  • Dy'on Dressage Collection: an extensive line of dressage bridles.

Our tip: the products from the Hunter Collection and New English Collection are well interchangeable. Most lines have an extensive line of loose accessories such as nose belts, martingale forks and reins.

Order the products of Dy'on at Horse Riders Classics

Are you planning on ordering a bridle? Dy'on's bridles are a bit small so the full size fits more than 90% of the cases on your horse. This also applies to horses with a small head. Do you want to see the products in person just to be sure? Then you are always welcome in our physical store.